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D-EvA site prototype is ready (video)

Trainees at Digital Society School have completed designing a prototype of D-EvA site, an open digital platform that will be developed and launched in a few months. They presented their outcomes at the Showcase of Digital Society School in January 2022.

Throughout the course of the research, the team identified key problems with regards to the topic:

  • The gap between technology advancement and the skills to match it
  • The struggle to keep students engaged in a virtual learning environment
  • Lack of frameworks for e-assessment
  • Different levels of digital competencies
  • Lack of best practices and resources for e-assessment

These and a lot more were the fundamental problems the D-Eva project hopes to provide the solutions to. The platform was developed to provide academics and teachers of tertiary institutions e-assessment tools customised to their needs, resources of best practices they can apply and a safe environment to share and learn from the experiences of their peers. Peer-to-peer learning is important because it encourages creativity and motivation to try new ways of doing things. This  is an extra bonus to the D-Eva platform as teachers can get to learn from their peers’ creative ways to use existing technology for hybrid teaching and apply this to their unique situations.

When concluding their work, trainees created a video on their journey. Check it out below!