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Last international meeting of the D-Eva project

D-Eva Coordination Meeting in Barcelona

On June 19th and 20th, the last face-to-face coordination meeting of the D-Eva project was held at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). 

The members of the team from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the coordinating organization, participated in the last meeting of the D-Eva project. In addition, representative members of the participant institutions also attended the meeting:  Digital Society School (the Netherlands), Intercultural Iceland (Iceland) y University of West Timisoara (Romania). 

The meeting was a space of coordination. All the intellectual outputs that have been created throughout the project were revised and the last details were addressed: 

  • D-EvaBank: a repository of activities and resources for students’ assessment of practical skills with digital tools. 
  • D-EvaHub: a platform that brings together tools, experiences and resources for the assessment of practical skills with digital tools. This hub also contains 6 digital solutions to assess practical skills, which have been developed by the D-Eva team through virtual reality, simulations and gamification. 
  • D-EvaTraining: a training on the assessment of practical skills through digital tools, in the form of microlearning capsules. 

This meeting was essential to have one last face-to-face coordination to discuss the last activities of dissemination and the sustainability of the project. The participating institutions are committed to the use and continuity of the products developed within the framework of the project.