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The first digital solutions are here!

We are happy to announce that the first two digital solutions are finished and ready to be used!

These digital solutions are a part of Intellectual Output 2. As a part of IO2, contextualised, personalised, social, formative and integrated digital assessment activities are created. The first two digital assessment activities have been created by the team at Digital Society School, who are also the coordinators of IO2.

  • Class’em, a game to improve teacher education students’ time management skills in class.
  • Temach!, a digital tool to improve teacher education students’ body language in their communication in diverse contexts: while teaching a class, while giving a presentation, etc.

Both these digital solutions, as well as the other solutions that the team is currently working on, can be found in the D-EvaHub.

On behalf of the D-Eva team, we would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the team of trainees at the Digital Society School. For the past months, they have worked on researching, designing, creating and testing these two digital solutions. Congratulations and thank you!