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Workshop at the VII International Conference EDO

On May 17th, the D-Eva project team organized the workshop “Assessment of practical skills with virtual reality, simulations and gamification”.

On May 17th, 18th and 19th  the seventh edition of the International Conference EDO was held in Barcelona. The conference was organized by the Equipo de Desarrollo Organizacional (from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), the Centro de Estudios Jurídicos y Formación Especializada and the Escuela de Administración Pública de Catalunya. The main theme of this edition has been collective intelligence and learning in organizations after the pandemic. The purpose of this conference was to analyze the new proposals of knowledge management in institutions. 

Cristina Mercader, Georgeta Ion, Laia Alguacil and Alexandra Vicente, members of the CRiEDO (UAB) and the D-Eva project (Practical skills evaluation with digital tools) have developed a practical workshop to share a part of the results of IO2 the project. The team has presented the project, shared the creation process of the digital solutions to assess practical skills in teacher training, and shown some of these solutions. Furthermore, the participants have been able to try the solutions with virtual reality, to explore the program and to co-design a new solution that is similar and that can be implemented in their context for training. Therefore, the workshop has been aimed at the transferability to other institutions. 

At the closure session of the conference, the activity has been awarded the best workshop of the programme. 

Follow the workshop step by step with images here:

More information about the project here: