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D-Eva team welcomes the new trainees from Digital Society School

On September 16th, the Digital Society School (DSS) held an online meeting where Cristina Mercader, co-coordinator of the D-Eva project, welcomed the new team of trainees who will participate in the project, as a part of their training program at DSS.

The team, composed by Minayel, Jafar, Sarah and Oluwafemi, will participate in the development of the second intellectual output of the project: the development of the D-EvaHub. During the past months, the D-Eva team has been working on the design and prototype of this hub, which contains resources, tools and experiences of assessment of practical skills with digital tools in higher education. During this meeting, the team introduced themselves and shared their objectives, method and planning for this training period. The team is mentored by Mari Luz García Archidona, from DSS.

At the moment, the team is working on creating the digital assessment solutions, which will be made available for all university teachers, as accessible materials that are ready to use or to be adapted. The team of trainees, as part of their training program at the Digital Society School, will participate in this development process of IO2.

Remember that IO1 is already available. Click here to access the documents in all project languages.