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The D-Eva IO3 prototype enters its last phase

The D-Eva team is working intensively on the IO3 prototype!

The aim of IO3 is to provide Open Education Resources (OER) use support, guidelines and methodology for implementation, including guidelines for autonomous implementation in teacher education programs on assessment.

Materials will include content (in different formats: video, audio, animation), readings, OER, innovative practices based on AI and machine learning, example of good practices of assessment practices of practical skills of students adapted to different contexts: school placement observations and intervention, role-play exercises, case studies, videos, podcasts, viva voce examples for assessment, gamification and game-based assessments. They will be co- created between d-Eva groups in collaboration with teachers involved in Teacher education programs, internship mentors in school placement, students and practicum supervisors and coordinators, professional development experts and academic developers.

Currently, the team from Digital Society School is conducting user testing to ensure users find the platform intuitive, useful and attractive to use. We expect the prototype to be ready by mid-January 2022. Then it will enter the development phase to bring the prototype into “life” and offer it to the society.