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The Project Team started prototyping

In September 2021 a group of trainees have started a traineeship at Digital Society School to work on D-EvA Site with the challenge to design and build a high-fidelity prototype that will include tools for teachers to be able to assess students’ practical skills in the teacher education field.

Specifically, the prototype will include tools for e-assessment to support the practical skills assessment. The prototype will have to consider the diversity of the users and it will also facilitate the choice of the tools based on pedagogical criteria, technological criteria and further criteria indicated by JISC and as investigated during the literature review.

This Sprint, which started last week, the team began lo-fi prototyping of the site. We are looking forward to the next review session and further outcomes!

Teresa Sanchez

Lesly Dos Anjos

Parvin M. Ghasemi

Victor Johnson

Asia Trzeciak (coach)

D-Eva Bank. Resources for e-assessment of students’ practical skills